commercial cleaning can help sell cars

How A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Your Auto Dealership Sell More Cars

If you ever stop for a moment and think about large grocery retailers or even large department stores you will probably notice a ton of things that are consistent across each individual store. That’s because these stores have done their research and are trying to manipulate the way buyers view their products in an effort to increase their interest in purchasing something.

It’s called buyer manipulation and this marketing tactic isn’t exclusive to large retailers. One such industry where this strategy can be extremely effective is in the Auto industry. And it all revolves around perception and appearance. The way a dealership looks is an integral sales tool and something that a routine commercial cleaning company can help you improve with little to no effort on your end. Let’s dive in to how a cleaning company can actually help you sell more cars.

What can a cleaning company do to help my car sales?

Give your customers positive first Impressions

First impressions are everything. And making a good one is a key element in ultimately selling a car to a customer. Even if your cars are super clean and interiors in pristine condition, a customer may be turned off to the environment surrounding said car. Routine cleanings make sure you don’t have to worry about your dealership giving that bad first impression. And it’s just common sense that customers prefer to shop in clean places.

A clean dealership reflects well on the company

The condition of your dealership reflects other aspects of your company in a customer’s mind. If one thing isn’t up to par they feel other things may be in the same boat. Whether they say it or not even the smallest of things can plant a seed in their head and dampen interest in a car from your dealership. Sticky floors, gum stuck under countertops, or gross bathrooms can all lead to the buyer deciding against buying from you. Keeping the standards of small aspects of your dealership can cement a sense of comfort to the buyer. It can show them that you care about all aspects of the customer experience, not just selling them a car.

Show off the stars of the show – the cars!

The cars are obviously your product and they are getting more detailed and more beautiful to look out with every new design. So, making them stand out and pop to a consumer is of utmost importance. And simply put, the largest detractor of a customer’s concentration can come from a cluttered and messy showroom. If the showroom is a mangled, disorganized mess the eyes and focus of a customer become compromised. They may forget how much they loved how a car looked if there’s something else floating around their mind. Keeping garbage cans emptied, coffee areas cleaned, fingerprint free windows and miscellaneous items off of the showroom floor can all contribute to that perfect buying experience for the customer.

What can commercial cleaning services do for your car dealership?

Anago Cincinnati has been providing these services in the Tri-State area since 2005, so we know a thing or two about giving your customers what they desire. We are available to clean all aspects of your dealership including the lounge, restrooms, parts department, and showroom and showroom floors. You can find a full list of services we provide car dealerships by visiting our Car Dealership page. Start impressing your customers with a car dealership fit for a king. By doing so, you may start to see your cars flying off your showroom floor faster than you can say “Lamborghini”.

How Your Bathroom Is Losing (Or Winning) You Customers

Picture it: you own a common dollar store, small town, with fairly active business hours. Business is smooth sailing. One day, a disgruntled employee – angry that the store’s manager won’t hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the basement – logs onto your store’s Facebook page and posts pictures of store’s basement. Dead rats and cockroaches are everywhere. The pictures paint a picture that could strike fear into the hearts of even the least germaphobic person out there – it is disgusting. Needless to say, that post gets a lot of attention. Soon, customers are sharing their own horrible experiences with the store in the comments. Talk about a disgusting smell lingering along the aisles, so pungent it makes people sick – presumably from the decaying rats – fuels the fire.

Now, picture the people finding this post. Potential customers seeing your store – and all its gross insides – because you didn’t want to invest the money it takes to keep your business up to code with cleaning standards. How many people do you think would look at those photos and still want to come to your store? Would you still come to your store to buy anything?

If word gets out about how dirty your business is according to your customers, things can escalate quickly. People shy away, they talk, they recommend better businesses for those who are too grossed out to consider your business.

Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely that a well-established company gets to such a catastrophic level of uncleanliness. But even if your business doesn’t have dead rats in your basement for customers to see – or worse, smell – they will always notice if you have dirty bathrooms.

The High Expectations of Clean Bathrooms

Clean bathrooms are important everywhere. But, the highest standards are held by restaurants, hotels, and hospitals – where visits are judged at the highest level of scrutiny.

When you walk into a restaurant, hotel, or hospital, you are most likely to both say something negative about the company, and potentially never return, if the bathrooms are not clean. To be clear, a lotof people avoid these places because of unclean bathrooms – about 80% – which is over 3/4ths of your customers. We admit, every other business holds a lower aversion average – around 50% – but even half of your customer base is too large a percentage to ignore. After all, no business can survive if it alienates half of its potential customers.

Bathroom Cleanliness Wins or Loses You Business

75% of adults won’t ever willingly return to a place with dirty bathrooms.

No, seriously. Customers associate the cleanliness of your bathroom and the“hidden” parts of your business – like the kitchens – with your overall presentation as a company. Cleanliness might not first seem to play such a vital role in your brand values like your integrity, your transparency, your follow-through, and the quality of your products/service, but cleanliness is one of the first values your customers will notice – especially in the bathroom.

Customers value cleanliness above all other factors when deciding whether or not to do business with you. It’s a one-strike-and-you’re-out ballgame, where the first impression is sometimes the only impression. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well. If your bathrooms look, smell, and feel clean, customers will be more inclined to trust you and give you their business.

So where does your business stand? Before you answer that question, consider this:

Dirty Bathrooms Cost You More Money

Dirty bathrooms are likely cost you more money than what you would save by not cleaning them at all. According to “Counting the Customer” by Ruby Newell-Legner, it takes 12 positive interactions to make up for one negative interaction – combine that with the fact that it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one, and it becomes clear why ensuring that your bathrooms are kept clean is vital to your overall success as a business.

Dirty Bathrooms Lower Your Employee Morale

Businesses often overlook the effect that dirty bathrooms have on their employees. Employees who are subjected to dirty bathrooms report lower morale, productivity, and loyalty than their clean counterparts. The bottom line is: nobody likes a dirty bathroom, and places that don’t keep their bathrooms clean likely skimp out on a lot of other things too. That’s the perception, whether it’s true or not.

Tips for Keeping Your Bathrooms Clean

1: Make a Plan

This is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to improve your bathroom’s cleanliness: just make a schedule. We recommend that you clean your bathroom at least twice a day, but with bathrooms, the more frequently you clean, the better your situation is.

2: Hold People Accountable

It’s good to make sure there is responsibility attached to cleaning your business. Have your employees initial their names on a chart when they clean the bathroom, noting what they cleaned and when they cleaned it. That way, if something is wrong, you know who to go to. This will enforce standards, and overall quality of work completed – because, people tend to do better work when their name is attached to it.

3: Have the Proper Supplies

Do you have a toilet mop? How about industrial strength cleaner? An important part of the cleaning process is making sure you have the right supplies and tools. Even if bathroom cleaning is less expensive than say, stripping and resealing a vinyl floor, there is still a cost associated with cleaning bathrooms that can’t be ignored.

4: Get Deep

It’s not enough for a bathroom to just look clean. It has to feel, smell, and actually be clean. This involves taking care of areas that people don’t typically think of when they imagine cleaning bathrooms, such as walls, windows, grout, and baseboards. Neglecting any part of these will result in a bathroom that leaves customers wanting.

5: If All Else Fails, Call a Professional

There is a good chance your customers probably won’t rave to their friends about your clean bathrooms. But, and here’s the kicker, they are twice as likely to talk about the dirty ones. The bottom line is: customers expect your business to be clean.

Cleanliness is often a thankless task, and requires a lot of continuous work, effort, and attention. Some people love cleaning – it relaxes them. Others would frankly rather do anything else. Wherever on the spectrum you land, we understand you are probably much more focused – and should be – more focused on doing your job than cleaning your business.

At Anago, we pride ourselves on getting businesses to the level of clean that wins customers and builds your reputation as a business everyone can trust. Before you fall victim to a poor bathroom review – yes, those are a thing – contact us to ensure that the first impression customers have of your business is a good one. We believe in the kind of clean that wins. Are you ready to win more business?

One-Time Office Cleaning Projects To Make A Good Impression

What would a visitor assume about your business if they walked in right now?

Would they see a floor that has properly sealed, scrubbed, and buffed? Or a floor that looks like employees drag their feet to work?

Studies have found that it takes as little as 13 milliseconds for our brains to process what it’s seeing. And unless your employees are quick enough to clean their desk, treat the floor, and touch up the walls in less than a second of a visitor walking through the door, maintaining a clean and organized office at all times is necessary for ensuring a good impression.

Taking on one-time office cleaning projects will go a long way in ensuring that potential clients and top candidates see your office as the office to do business with. If you want to land the top client or top employee, you need to “wow” them from the moment they walk through the door. Here’s how you can.

Deep Cleaning Your Office’s Floors

Whether you supervise an office or a commercial facility, your floors receive a lot of foot traffic. And it doesn’t take many feet to transform your flooring from clean and flawless to grimy and worn out. Whether your office has carpet or vinyl flooring, it’s important that you treat it regularly.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet a few times a week will keep it from showing obvious debris and, at the same time, provide your carpet with relief from possible dirt build-up. If you want your carpet to make a good first impression on your visitors, however, your carpets needs to be more than just free of debris – it needs to look fresh and be odor-free.

Deep cleaning your carpet is the only way to remove any deeply situated debris or a foul stench. To do this you will need a commercial grade heavy-duty vacuum cleaning, heavy-duty cleaner, and a high-quality steam cleaner. If these types of equipment aren’t readily available at your facility, you may consider turning to a commercial cleaning service for one-time carpet cleaning in lieu of making an expensive equipment purchase.

Hard Surface and Vinyl Floor Cleaning

A basic hard surface floor cleaning should entail floor stripping, floor sealing, scrubbing, and a buffing. Of course, the condition of a hard surface is often more obvious than the condition of a carpet. The quality of the impression you make with your hard surface or vinyl flooring is proportional to the amount of effort you put in.

If you want the quality of a cleaning professional, you will need to put in the same effort as a cleaning professional. That means conducting a thorough floor stripping to remove all of the foreign materials in your vinyl, a hard scrub of your floors, neutralizing your floors as a secondary way of removing grime, mopping the floors, and applying a new hard floor wax and premium floor coating. If your business has the time and the equipment necessary, it’s best to go the extra mile to ensure that your floor is one that you can be proud of. Otherwise, the only way to keep your time, effort, and expense to a minimum is to turn to a commercial cleaner for a one-time hard surface cleaning. Either way, the results are well worth it.

Deep Cleaning Your Office’s Walls

Both your walls and your carpet comprise the majority of what visitors see when they walk into your office. Of course, as your walls take up nearly four times the space of your floor, your walls are the ones doing most of the “talking.”

What do your walls say about your office?

Unfortunately, while most of us routinely touch up our carpets, it’s less common to see someone paying extra attention to their walls. This, however, doesn’t make them any less important. Cleaning your walls should entail a thorough dusting and a thorough scrubbing with gentle soap and warm water. The amount of time it takes, however, will primarily depend on how much space you need to cover, including the space that may be hidden behind cabinets or wall hangings. These areas may not be ordinarily visible, but they can still trap odors that your visitors may detect.

Deep Cleaning Your Furniture

And after your visitors have examined the floors and the walls, what is the next area of your office that draws their attention? The furniture in it, of course! And while we recognize that organizing office supplies, computers, and even personal knick-knacks is a personal decision, you can’t afford to overlook the need to keep wood, glass, and other furniture surfaces spotless.

And while we understand that even the thought of putting in additional time at the end of a long workday to spruce up your office furniture is exhausting in itself, it doesn’t have to be your chore. Furniture cleaning is perhaps one of the most common types of one-time cleaning services that commercial cleaners offer.

Other One-Time Office Cleaning Projects

While keeping your flooring, walls, and furniture clean are universal needs of every office, you may also want to consider one-time cleaning projects that are unique to your current office conditions. For example, if your meeting room has currently undergone construction, now is a good time to consider professional post-construction cleaning services. Have several employees moved offices? Have you added new offices to your building? Those are good reasons for a post-construction cleaning, too.

If you find that stretching your time and labor resources thinner to accommodate these cleaning projects is more than you can afford, requesting professional cleaning services from a local commercial cleaner is a viable solution. Aside from the immediate savings on your own time, labor, and expense, a good commercial cleaner will also ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results.

Anago Cleaning Systems is the commercial cleaner that ensures just that. Your satisfaction is our measure of our success and our professional cleaners put their skills and expertise to work in order to achieve it. Contact us for any of our one-time cleaning servicesWe’ll help you make the best impression

The Hidden Value Of A Custom Commercial Cleaning Plan

If you have not already hired a commercial office cleaning company for your Cincinnati, Covington or Dayton business, then you are missing out on many health benefits. Your employees rely on you to provide a healthy work environment that will not trigger health-related conditions, such as asthma or allergies.

Here are common overlooked areas in office cleaning for Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky businesses:

Potential Bacteria in Office Kitchens or Breakrooms

Everyone frequents the kitchen or breakroom at your busy office building. Even if you have regular trash pickup and your employees are in charge of their own dishes, bacteria can still contaminate other areas of the kitchen, including the microwave, coffee pot and, worse yet, the refrigerator. How many times have you opened the fridge only to see one of your coworkers left their lunch uncovered again?

When you choose a custom office cleaning plan or one-time janitorial service for your Dayton, Ohio business, be sure to ask about hard surface floor dirt extraction and vinyl floor buffering. Get a full list of our optional services when you request your free quote!

Dust Mite Buildup around Baseboard or in Air Filters

Nothing spells allergy or asthma attacks than dust bunnies and dust mites. Other common areas of dust build-up include keyboards, computer monitors and computer processing units (CPUs). A simple can of compressed air can help dislodge dust build-up, but unfortunately, it can also stir up dust particles in the air, affecting sensitive allergies or asthmatic symptoms of any nearby colleagues. Recommend your employees to use these compressed air cans when adjoining desk mates are away from their desks to avoid any dust-related health condition flare ups.

Air filters have recommended dates of when to be changed out. When they are not serviced regularly, you run the risk of not only triggering pulmonary conditions, but also overworking your air circulation system, which can be a costly repair. When you choose a custom Anago cleaning plan, our janitorial technicians will clean the areas surrounding air registers to also capture any buildup on ceilings, walls and even baseboards.

Sanitizing Common Office Surfaces

The keyboard, phone headset, computer mouse, and even conference room table and chairs are all areas that are often overlooked. However, these items are a prime breeding ground for bacteria and living viruses. A 2012 study conducted in Washington D.C. and a Brazilian city found that, on average, individual people touch their face at least three times an hour and touch spaces shared by other people  more than three times an hour (LiveScience). Surfaces contaminated by cold and flu viruses are likely to infect at least three individuals an hour. As Cincinnati’s leading janitorial services provider, we use Green cleaning products with highly concentrated sanitation solutions to help protect your workplace against viruses that can decrease productivity among employees.

The hidden value of choosing a custom commercial office cleaning plan is in protecting your most valued resource: your employees. Anago is open 24/7, so our janitorial service experts in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio can conduct your custom cleaning plan at any time, before, during or after normal operating hours. We also service businesses throughout Northern Kentucky and Dearborn County, Indiana. Call 513-332-0033 to get started today!

Pass Health Inspections With Ohio Janitorial Services

A business’s first impression is set by its cleanliness. When the flooring or restrooms show lack of care, it’s bad for business in more ways than one. It is actually a health concern for employees and customers. The janitorial services available in Cincinnati and Dayton can help businesses keep these concerns at bay with customized thorough cleaning of all surfaces and floors.

Each state has health inspectors authorized by the federal government to rate businesses on their cleanliness, and everything counts—from air registers, floor conditions, food containment methods, liquid and solid waste disposal, and much more.  For a full list of criteria, please visit the Ohio Department of Health Food Safety Code.

Health inspections can make or break a business. There are strict regulations in place dictating how a business should function in order to prevent improper handling of foods or cleanliness. In fact, places serving food or beverages in most states are required by their local government agencies to display their health code rating at the entrance or otherwise in customers’ plain view.

Businesses that are frequently inspected by county health officials include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Food courts
  • Dance clubs
  • Country clubs
  • Movie theaters

Food poisoning one of the leading health-related liabilities. It can be caused by bacteria growth due to unsanitary temperatures or cross-contamination of shared surfaces. Improper internal temperatures of proteins like eggs, dairy or poultry is the main cause in food poisoning cases. Other health-related liabilities customers can be exposed to at a dirty business include toxic mold and asbestos. Mold is formed when moisture does not dry out carpeting, tile, drywall and even foods. Black mold is the most dangerous type because its airborne spores can cause many life-threatening illnesses, including asthma or allergy attacks, circulatory-related problems and even reproductive issues.

Businesses that hire commercial janitorial services for their Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio business help eradicate any potential for these life-threatening health risks. At Anago, we implement green cleaning in our commercial cleaning services, which keeps businesses safe for both employees and customers. We also take special care of the many grooves in hard flooring, as well as carpeting, to make sure that all bacteria and mold potential is removed during our floor care services for the area’s restaurants, medical or office facilities.

Customers love clean bathrooms, and if restrooms are unkempt, it creates a no-return scenario. Businesses can protect their profitability by maintaining all touched surfaces, as well as ensuring that their restrooms are fully functional for daily use. If owners and staff simply do not have the time to add Ohio janitorial services to their daily duties, it’s time to consider a commercial cleaning company. Places of business that will see a decline in returning customers for unsightly floors or bathrooms include retail establishments, medical offices, personal care service business such as nail or massage spas, and gyms or fitness centers. You do not have be a germaphobe to feel disgusted when you see a clear disregard for cleanliness.

If you need help maintaining your business to avoid health inspector problems and to retain your customer base, try Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton! Our greater Cincinnati janitorial services help a variety of businesses stay profitable throughout Southwest Ohio. We are green seal certified for our use of green cleaning products and come highly recommended by many recognizable businesses in the area including WLWT, Mercy Health, Palomino Restaurant and Bar, and more! Get a free quote today, and you can even qualify for a free one-time cleaning job if you start regular services with us!