We offer cleaning services specific to Movie Theater needs:

  • 365 day availability
  • Exterior cleaning: daily clean-up of sidewalk, lot trash and emptying outside trash cans/smoking urns
  • Lobby cleaning: detail vacuum, empty trash receptacles, disinfect public phones/drinking fountains/tables and chairs, carpet spotting, clean game machines, clean and shine lobby crowd control poles
  • Restroom cleaning: clean and sanitize urinals/toilets and changing tables, clean and shine vanities/soap dispensers and mirrors, polish chrome fixtures, refill all dispensers and paper products, sweep and mop floors with disinfectant cleaner, clean tile walls and stall partitions, treat drains twice per month to eliminate odors
  • Auditoriums: empty trash receptacles and wipe down, sweep and mop all tile floors while removing gum/candy/or other items that stick to floor, clean base and back of seats at rear exit ways, clean entrance and exit doors, remove trash from cup holders and wipe clean, vacuum all carpet areas including carpet on walls
  • Concessions: remove hood filters/wash and reinstall, wipe hoods to remove grease, wipe down equipment to remove grease and spills, mop floors with a degreaser and clean glass showcases
  • Extra Services:
    • Hard surface floor care including strip, seal and wax of vinyl floors, spray buffing of vinyl floors
    • Carpet cleaning via hot water extraction or bonnet cleaning
    • Ceramic tile machine scrub and grout cleaning, acid wash
  • Special Event clean-up
  • Spring and Fall cleaning
  • Emergency clean-up

Receive a free one-time cleaning with the start of regular services.