We know the hard surface floors of your office or commercial facility endure a great deal of foot traffic, and Anago of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offers a number of professional floor maintenance options to keep those surfaces looking their best. Hard surface floor cleaning is a specialized aspect of our commercial cleaning services involving floor stripping, floor sealing, scrubbing, buffing and a whole lot more! here is how our various hard surface floor cleaning processes unfold.

Anago Provides Every Type of Hard Surface Cleaning

Stripping and Sealing

  • We begin by stripping, which involves the removal of all protective coating, waxes dirt and foreign materials on your vinyl tile.
  • Next, we scrub all floors using automatic floor maintenance equipment.
  • We then scrape and clean all cove base edges and door frame corners so that all surfaces are completely clean.
  • Next, we extract and rinse (neutralize) the floors in order to remove the stripping solution along with all dirt and grime.
  • Then we do a final mopping.
  • After the floors are completely clean and dry, we apply one coat of hard floor wax. This will provide a base for the premium floor coating.
  • We then apply four coats of a 25% high solids wax to ensure a high shine and a solid base, giving your floor the base it needs to endure daily wear and tear.

Before Hard Surface Stripping and Sealing

After Hard Surface Stripping and Sealing

Vinyl Tile Scrubbing & Recoating

This method of floor care begins with scrubbing, which involves the removal of protective surface coating, waxes, dirt and foreign materials from the vinyl tile by applying a neutral cleaning chemical.

  • We allow the chemical to set for 10 minutes to help with the deep set dirt and grime.
  • Next we scrub all floors using automatic floor maintenance equipment.
  • Then we clean all edges and corners.
  • After all floors have been scrubbed, we extract and rinse floors, removing all the chemical solution along with the dirt and grime.
  • This is followed by a final waxing, along with the application of two layers of coating.

Floor Buffing

  • Our floor cleaning professionals will sweep, dust mop and damp mop your floors using our enhancer cleaner. This process softens the surface of the wax so that when we apply our high-speed buffer it allows the wax to re-harden, giving it a high gloss while removing black scuff marks and hairline scratches.
  • The buffing process hardens the wax, keeping dirt and grime from penetrating and damaging your tile surfaces.
  • Buffing actually extends the length of time between stripping and keeps floors looking shiny and clean.

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