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Movie Theater Cleaning in Cincinnati

High volume traffic and concessions are a recipe for a mess. You may have a staff to handle sudden spills and sweep auditoriums, but who’s really making sure your movie theater’s staying clean?

Our movie theatre cleaning services can be customized to fit the exact needs of your venue. No matter the time of your screenings, we can be there to immediately clean up when they are finished. Often there is a quick turnaround between one showing and the next and you need to make sure the theater is spotless for the new guests. Anago of Cincinnati will be there to do just that.

Our team will cover every area of your venue, including:

If your movie theater needs special floor treatments, we can help. We offer spray buffing and strip, seal, and wax for vinyl floors. We can also deep-clean carpets through hot water extraction or bonnet cleaning and handle ceramic tiles with machine scrubs, grout cleaning, and acid washes.

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